Your real estate search

Being property hunters we do not have property portfolios.
We assist you in your quest for real estate based on a precise tender and serve your interests during negotiations.  

Being IPI approved real estate professionals we are your unique contact point following up your entire project from A to Z.

It is our mission to assist you during your hunt and to guide you through all steps.  

Each property hunter does not manage more than three to four files at the same time, ensuring you the best possible service. 

Your advantages

It’s valuable… We are able to react  quickly by showings when qualifying properties become available and summarize the information to facilitate decision-making.  

Our knowledge of the market, its prices and the different neighbourhoods become key assets during your search.  

We make our privileged network available to you, as well as our link with the various market players, and our multiple prospection methods in order to discretely provide you with access to as many listings as possible.

The right price
We provide you with objective information on the market price and negotiate for you the selected properties thus making sure you pay the right price for your transaction. 

A safe transaction
We take care of all the preliminary checks and analyse all documents throughout the various stages.

This way you avoid nasty surprises and you can commit to your project safely.

Our approach

We help you design your real estate project, define the appropriate geographic area and refine your search criteria based on your needs.    

After drawing up a tender, an exclusive negotiating partner will explore the entire market for you to find the one of a kind gem that exactly matches your requirements.  

Our privileged contacts with numerous players in the luxury real estate market and our thorough market knowledge allow us to stay informed of the availability of new properties, to have sneak previews and to also gain access to confidential real estate.   

We follow up your file on a daily basis, update the information and regularly keep you posted on the progress of our search. 

Other services

Once we find the ideal property, we will negotiate to get the right price for the selected property.  

We are by your side in all steps of your purchase or rent, and offer customized advice every step of the process .   

If you wish we can also assist you after signing the contract by making our additional services available for your move. 




Whether to expand your business or to setup your first office, The Inquiry can guide you in the property search and thereby allow you to save time and resources precious for your business.

Once the estate is found, The Inquiry can have the property arranged by teams of professionals. The Inquiry can also supervise the work and thereby guarantee an all-in service.



Managing a property can be complicated for everyone.

It is indeed necessary to meet legal requirements, on one side, and respond to the tenants’ needs, on the other.

Besides the time necessary to accomplish the various formalities, it also demands in-depth knowledge of administrative, legal, accounting and technical aspects.

The Inquiry ensures this follow-up service for you  with high-level competence in managing properties (apartments, houses, offices), in tandem with reliable and known partners.

The Inquiry advises on how to optimize a property. If you wish, we can also provide you with competent guidance for searching for a new investment. 


Owners, entrust your property to us

Perhaps you have the property we are looking for …