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Code of conduct: IPI, www.ipi.be

In accordance with article 1 of the Ethics Directive, you should note that our professional third-party liability (among other forms of risk) is covered under insurance policy no. 010.730.370.559 taken out with Axa.

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The site is in French and is a site for the information of both clients of The Inquiry SA and non-clients, hereinafter referred to as “net surfers”.

This site is subject to the law of Belgium. Net surfers acknowledge having read and understood, and undertake to comply with, this charter.

It is pointed out that correspondence cannot be guaranteed confidential on the internet and that all net surfers should take every appropriate measure to protect their own data and/or software.

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This site particularly contains information provided by outside companies and hyperlinks to other sites not developed by The Inquiry SA and for which it is not responsible.

The existence of a link on the website of The Inquiry SA to another site does not constitute validation of that site or its content. Net surfers should be discerning and take a critical view in how they use that information. The publisher will not be liable for the information, opinions and recommendations made by such third parties.

Any hyperlink to The Inquiry SA requires the express, prior authorisation of the publisher. The content provided on this site is furnished merely for information purposes and may subsequently be revised.

It is pointed out that there are risks inherent in the electronic transmission of information: delays, omissions and inaccuracies may occur. This information is provided as such, regardless of its source.


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The information and personal data entered on the website of The Inquiry SA by net surfers and collected by The Inquiry SA as data processor will only be used and passed to the following parties and declared to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy for the sole purposes of:

  • managing requests for information;
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  • e-mail alerts.

The data will be passed to the following parties:

Service providers for performing subcontracted work: to this end, net surfers expressly agree that personal data concerning them may be sent by The Inquiry SA to the subcontractors that carry out certain essential tangible and technical tasks on its behalf which are indissociable from the offers made and the associated services.

Unless parties holding the relevant rights object, The Inquiry SA may require to process this information (particularly by electronic mail, telephone, etc.) for its exclusive benefit or on behalf of its commercial partners in the context of commercial transactions.


This information may give rise to exercise of the right of access, communication, opposition and rectification under the terms laid down in the Act on IT, files and freedoms.(*)

Net surfers may object to receiving communications soliciting interest in presentations of the products and services of The Inquiry SA by opting out from such approaches at the time data is collected and contacting the webmaster.(*)

To exercise these rights, send a letter or e-mail: info@www.theinquiry-res.com.

Prospecting by auto-dialler, electronic mail or fax and any transfer or rental of data for prospecting purposes using these means will only be done with the net surfer’s prior consent to receiving approaches via that channel and/or to the transfer of their data.

Information revealing names will only be passed to third parties to meet statutory or regulatory requirements.


The site must be regarded as an indissociable right. The information contained on it is reserved for exclusively personal use and may not be wholly or partially reproduced or communicated. The entire data (text, sound and images) contained on the pages of this site is the exclusive property of The Inquiry SA or its partners.


Any reproduction, representation or dissemination of the content on this site, wholly or partially, and for other than personal purposes, on any carrier or by any process whatsoever, is prohibited.

Breach of this prohibition constitutes an infringement liable to incur the civil and criminal liability of the infringer.


It is strictly prohibited to use or reproduce the name “The Inquiry” and/or its logo, on their own or in association with other names or logos, in whatever form, and particularly for publicity purposes, without the prior written agreement of The Inquiry SA.

Information on our partners

The Inquiry SA declines any liability, express or implied, for the accuracy, exhaustive nature or update periods of these announcements and other content. Downloading or any other form of copying of a program or information present on the site of The Inquiry SA does not confer any right over such program or information. You may not (wholly or partly) reproduce or transmit (electronically or in any other manner), modify or use the website of The Inquiry SA for public or commercial purposes, or create links with it, without the prior, written authorisation of The Inquiry SA.

For their part, net surfers undertake:

  • not to exploit the services of The Inquiry SA or personal data they may gain access to;
  • not to offer the products and services of the website of The Inquiry SA for direct or indirect gain;
  • not to limit access to and use of the website of The Inquiry SA;
  • not to modify any statement on or part of the website of The Inquiry SA;
  • not to engage in spamming by e-mail or post to other net surfers.

If you have other questions, please e-mail us at: info@www.theinquiry-res.com.

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