“Our know-how is your added-value !”

Compose by real estate agents but also service providers such as designers, graphic designers and architects, our team offers you a range of services and proficiencies to make a difference and help the potential buyer with a better understanding of space and volumes.

Professional photographs

In real estate, the first impression is critical. Indeed, the research phase necessarily goes by the review of photographs of different properties. Creating a sensation and emotion at first sight arouses interest and captures attention. That's why we offer a professional photography service. We carry out visuals by combining the sense of detail and staging to highlight the property and make it attractive.

Home staging

How to highlight a property to bring about its purchase or its rent? The Inquiry offers home staging services which plays with volumes and existing furniture by enhancing the sources of light. In short time, with a a light investment, it is possible to personalize and harmonize the space to bring about the crush.

Sales plans

In case of absence of these, we put our network of architects who can set plans and / or draw a refined plan of sale at your disposal by offering you a better understanding of the property.


Understanding spaces and volumes based on plans is not always easy. Our graphic designers offer the possibility of viewing the entire space in 3D shoebox. At a glance, the prospective buyer can understand the sequence of pieces and imagine the layout of the furniture. This tool represents a non-negligible point in the sale of a property.

3D image

«The weight of words, the shock of photos ». This well-known slogan is so true in the real estate sector. To understand exactly the final render and thus facilitate the act of purchase, our team of graphic designers carry out extremely realistic synthetic images. In doing so, we add the added value to the project by offering the visual of its maximum potential.

Media plan

Whether for a real estate project, an apartment for sale or for rent, The Inquiry ensures maximum visibility by programming a suitable media plan: we select media (print and web) and manage the frequency of publication to reach the ideal target.


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