Moving checklist

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Moving is in sight? We know how much this step can be a source of tension. Between the boxes to prepare, the friends to solicit for the D-day, the various suppliers to anticipate and the numerous round-trips between the domiciles, the days will be well charged. Avoid unnecessary hassle with a check list!

Our basic advice: classify the actions to be done by field for more legibility. And most importantly, do not hesitate to share tasks as much as possible.




First of all, take the time to ask yourself the question: Will I do it all myself or will I appeal to a professional company? If you opt for solution number two, set a maximal budget and as of now, get in touch with several moving companies. Play the competition and make sure that their quotation covers all costs: truck, gas, movers, possible boxes, parking space reservation, lift, assembly and disassembly, etc.

If you are currently renting, tell your landlord by registered mail that you are terminating the lease.


In order to concentrate on the furniture that will be traveling, be sure to take the measurements of your future cozy nest. Moving is also an opportunity to clean up and, why not, to rethink your interior design. Get rid of the superfluous things! No need to pack what you expect to throw away: bulky items can be left in a container yard. Better, you can make an appointment with Brussels Propreté to schedule a pick-up service (3m3 free per year and per household).

If the distance of your new home takes you away from your usual health intermediaries, you will also have to recreate a local network: General Practitioner, Paediatrician, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, Gynaecologist, Mutual, etc.

In order to integrate yourself quickly into the new locality, do not hesitate to prospect for:
-School / College / Nursery: you must register your children as soon as possible to make sure they have room.
-Bookstore / Media Point


Start all administrative steps to notify of your change of address:
-Car insurance
-Home insurance: your contract will probably be updated according to your new situation
-Savings / Bonds
-Life insurance
-Family Benefits Fund
-Pension fund


Also notify the change of address and / or close / activate a new contract with the different suppliers:
-Gas and Electricity: Do not forget to carry out a contradictory meter reading with the former owner during the situational analysis to impart it as soon as possible to your supplier.
-Cable / satellite / Internet
-Mail Redirection: