If you wish we can also assist you after signing the contract by making our additional services available for your move.


Expert’s Report
Coordination of the appointment with the real estate expert.
Accompaniment during the appraisal
Explanation of responsibilities related to the rental agreement.
Transmission of any remarks to the expert and the owner.

Banking and Insurance
Opening of a bank account.
Establishment of the rental guarantee.
Assistance to selection of the insurance company.(house, car, health)

Getting in touch with excisemen, notaries and banks, so that you can benefit from the support which is necessary for realization of your private projects or companies.


Moving in
We’ll help you to organize your moving and get quotations for a national or international moving.

Opening and/or transferring of gas, electricity, water, cable, Internet and telephony.

Assistance on departure
Termination of the lease as well as subscriptions(various connections, insurances)
Coordination of moving(quotation, follow-up, etc.) Planning of final cleaning.
Organization of leaving procedure.
Follow-up of the postal mail.
Assistance to the recovery of the bank guarantee


School Selection
Information and advice when choosing the school with accompanying visits if necessary.

Selection of providers
We put our clients in contact and / or coordinate the quotations with various providers (company of guarding, cleaning company, gardener, nannies etc) to facilitate their daily lives during or after their moving.

Personal Art shopper
If you’re amateur about art or in search of artworks to complete your interior design, be accompanied by professionals of the sector.