Monthly rents

Up to 749€ 8,0%
750€ to 1199€ 7,5%
1200€ to 2499€ 7%
2500€ to 12499€ 6%
Over 12500€ 5,5%
Administrative management 2,5%

What we do for you

Rental management: not always easy, is it?
You have to follow the rules and regulations, on one hand, and meet the demands of tenants, on the other.
What’s more, daily management takes up a lot of time.
The Inquiry can release you from your obligations and take care of your rental management for you by putting at your disposal its competences as a real-estate steward for the management of your property.
Always listening to your expectations, it will ensure all aspects of the management and meet all legal obligations.
The Inquiry will monitor all administrative, technical, legal and bookkeeping aspects.

Get the most out of your property stress-free!



- Finding tenants.
- Organizing the check-in and -out inventories.
- Checking that rent is paid and sending reminders.
- Paying bills related to your property.
- Rent indexation.
- Distribution of service costs.
- Handling terminations and settling accounts.
- Monitoring and maintaining your property.
- Subscribing to insurances and filing claim reports.
- Identifying renovation and improvement work with your agreement.
- Contacting contractors, getting quotes and monitoring the work, providing a financial report and detailing the costs.
- Advice for the development of your property or a future investment.