The 3 new leases in application since January 2018

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A roommate now has two elements: a colocation lease and a roommate agreement:
Our lifestyles are changing and colocation is becoming increasingly important in the choice of inhabitants of the Brussels capital.

The collocation lease provides for the solidarity of the tenants with each other vis-à-vis the lessor but also specific, very flexible, departure.

A colocation pact is therefore put in place to formalize the practical aspects of daily life (distribution of rents, charges, possible damage, insurance etc) and raise awareness among roommates about their responsibilities and rights.

If one of the roommates wants to leave the premises, it can do so without compensation with two months notice and after finding a replacement accepted by all roommates.
Otherwise, it must be able to justify a sufficient active search for a candidate.


Nearly 100,000 students live in Brussels and have specific needs, requiring more flexibility than a conventional lease and adapting better to their constraints and their student pace.
Internships in another city, Erasmus stay, second session, change of orientation, as many events that may require a change in rental situation.
The student lease is therefore more flexible and allows the student to:

  1. Renew the lease for a period of one year, under the same rental conditions;
  2. Terminate the lease at any time without compensation and with two months notice;
  3. Terminate the lease at maturity without notice;
  4. Terminate the lease until one month before entering the premises. He will however have to pay an allowance of one month's rent.

To sign this type of lease, the student must prove his or her quality by means of proof of registration or application for registration.


Social housing assistance or support is an existing practice but has not been regulated so far.
It is a rental intermediation system reserved for legal entities that enables households in a state of precariousness to access decent housing and to maintain it in a sustainable manner. This device guarantees the owner the payment of rent and management in "good father".
The sliding lease is concluded between the lessor and the legal entity, which will simultaneously conclude a sublease contract with the person benefiting from this support (the sub-tenant).
At the end of his social support and insofar as the objectives of the latter are achieved, the lease is automatically assigned and the sub-tenant becomes the direct tenant.

 Sliding lease:

  1. Is concluded for a maximum duration of 3 years.
  2. May be sold at least two months before the 1st and 2nd years if the legal person considers that the sub-tenant is sufficiently independent. The lessor can not oppose this assignement.
  3. Six months before the expiry of the third year, if no transfer has been made during the first and second years, the legal person has the obligation to decide whether the objectives of autonomy have been achieved by the sub-tenant. If this is the case, the lease is assigned and is therefore concluded for a period of 9 years. If this is not the case, the landlord must agree to extend it under the same conditions as the initial lease, that is to say, maximum 3 years.