The steps for a purchase in all serenity

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Have you finally found the property of your dreams? Congratulations! Now that the hard part is done, start the buying process by taking notes of the essential steps to follow until you handover the keys.


Step 1 : Submit an offer to the seller

Before signing any document, contact a notary to have it re-read or ask for a copy of a typical purchase offer. You will be sure to take no chances. Do not forget that an offer to purchase binds you firmly !

At the same time, contact several banks and check your borrowing capacity. Creating competition will allow you to find the most advantageous loan.


Step 2: Initiate the steps with the notary and the bank

The seller has accepted your offer ? Perfect. Your notary will contact the administrations to obtain the certificates and information to secure the sale.

Also enter an official mortgage application with the bank of your choice. Then notify the seller with the bank's response to commit to a payment date.

Step 3 : Sign the compromise

The signing of the compromise is done at the notary. At this point, you must pay a guarantee of %5 or 10 of the purchase price.


Step 4 : Prepare and sign the act

This is the stage that requires the most patience: it can last up to 4 months maximum. However, it is essential because your notary prepares the draft act by ensuring the conformity of information and administrative certificates. Thus, by checking the possible urbanistic infractions, it guarantees you the legal security of the purchase.

As of the finalized project, your notary will submit it to you with a detailed statement for verification. Everything is in order? All you have to do is pay the balance of the price. A small signature at the bottom of the document and you are officially the owner !


Step 5 : Latest formalities

The deed of sale is published by the notary at the registration for collection of taxes and at the Land Office.


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