The Terrazzo

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The terrazzo returns to the front of the scene since a few years. With its graphic and mineral look and its multitude of colors, it is one of the essential materials today and is available on any type of surface: on floors, walls, furniture, accessories, worktop, patterned wallpaper and fabrics.

But where does it come from?

The Terrazzo was born in Italy, thanks to the inventiveness of the marble workers who collect the waste from their work, and mix it with cement to create stone floors that are economical, durable and elegant.

Its popularity increased in the 40's until the beginning of the 60's, before falling into oblivion until today.


The classic terrazzo is a mixture of marble fragments, called aggregate, and a cementitious binder, called matrix. Its manufacturing process has remained the same over the years. It is, like concrete, cast on site or laid in manufactured tiles.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The terrazzo resists in time and requires very few interviews!


Want to have terrazzo at home, in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere? Let yourself be inspired by the various patterns and colors offered by

Total look !

This is the case of David Chipperfield Architects' surprising and luxurious Valentino boutique. Here Terrazzo Gray Palladiana is used to coat surfaces and to connect spaces. Looks like we dug in the stone. We plunge into an atmosphere of "Palazzo", where the old blends into the new for an elegant and unique look.

Just as surprising, Max Lamb, who in 2014, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, presents his terrazzo furniture in a setting also terrazzo! The materials take the place of the object, invaded the entire surface, revealing that the volumes of the furniture, for a game between optical illusion of the material and camouflage of the object.