The year 2018 is dyed in Ultra Violet

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To awaken our creativity and awareness, Pantone launches the trend color of the year 2018: Ultra Violet.

Mystical and spiritual, symbol of transgression and counterculture, Ultra Violet opens the doors to a bold future, between technology and galactic travel. This color seems to tell us "everything is possible, let your creativity go and trust your mind".

Dial with Ultra Violet

At first sight this color could intimidate us and seem difficult to use, however Ultra Violet can find its place quite easily in every room of our house, by small touches or by a treatment "color block" on a wall as we propose the site Tollens with his associations.

Ultra Violet is halfway between red (warm color) and blue (cold color), the first is a color that catches the eye, the second is the color of escape, depths and awakens our imagination. The further you go towards one of the two, the more you will strengthen their respective influence over your moods and sensations.

If you like gypsy folk style, combine bold colors like turquoise blue, red, fuchsia pink and purple.

To slice and find another balance, use Ultra Violet with its complementary colors: green and orange. For example with indoor plants with dark foliage such as Ficus Elastica or Sanseveria; with elements of gold, brass or copper to bring a touch of yellow.

On the blog
you will find various color palettes created by Pantone to compose your environment Ultra Violet .