Your project

We preferably meet at your place for the first time to become acquainted with your taste and to have a clear idea of your lifestyle.  

Together we will draw up a detailed tender, which will enable us to further analyse your property request and to assess its feasibility, taking into account the current market (price, availability, estimated time).  

If you are abroad, we could meet at a hotel or at the airport, or we could have a conference call.  

We will have you sign an exclusive search mandate, which will be valid for three months and will be tacitly renewable for the same duration. 


Our mission starts as soon as the search mandate is signed.  

We look for your desired property among numerous real estate professionals, other than the traditional survey channels, such as the internet, newspapers or field survey.

The neutral position we are in as property hunters allows us to gain access to the entire market and to confidential real estates.  

Our privileged network of professional partners, such as banks, insurance companies, notaries, architects, agencies, property managers, asset managers and real estate agents allows us to quickly meet your needs when searching that one of a kind gem.

We ensure complete discretion during this prospecting phase.   

Prior visits and presentation of a report

We make a selection based on the available listings that match your requirements and visit them previously.  

Shortly thereafter we provide you with a detailed and objective report, which will allow us to determine together which properties you wish to view.

That report informs you on all important aspects of the property, such as location, price, surface, layout, orientation, any works that need to be done, the condition of the common areas, etc.   

It contains pictures and a study of the different aspects of the property to help you make a well-founded decision

Views and decision

Together we will view the properties that meet your needs.  

Once we have found your ideal property, we will help you negotiate and draw up the purchase offer or lease, collect records, perform various home inspections and describe in detail the costs associated with the purchase.  

We will assist you when contacting banks, the property manager and will budget any works that may need to be carried out.

We will make appointments with the notary and accompany you when signing the lease or preliminary sale agreement, the private deed of sale and the notarial deed of purchase.

Until the signing of the deed we will remain at your disposal for any additional analysis or quote.  


We receive a commission to reimburse us for our property hunting services, provided we succeed in our mission.    

An administrative fee of 500 euros, excl. VAT of 21 %, will be charged when signing the search mandate and will be entirely deducted from our transaction fee at the end of the mission.  
The commission varies between 1 and 3%, excl. VAT of 21 %, depending on the difficulty level of the mission and the real estate type, which is based on a personalised offer. 
It is only due after signing the private deed of sale. 

The commission is equivalent to a month’s rent (+ 21% VAT) and is only due when the lease has been signed.